Vintage Poster ThunderCats Hoodie


Vintage Poster ThunderCats Hoodie Hoodies


This ThunderCats hoodie features a vintage poster that shows the heroic characters Panthro, Snarf, Cheetara, Lion-O, Tygra, Wilykit and Jaga ready to battle the evil Mumm-Ra.

The ThunderCats battled the forces of evil on their hit animated series. Whenever the ThunderCats were in danger, Lion-O would lift the Sword of Omens and say “Thunder, thunder, thunder, ThunderCats. Ho!!”. When Lion-O would let out this battle cry, the Sword or Omens would release the logo seen on this t-shirt into the sky. This symbol would summon the other ThunderCats, who were unstoppable when they were united!

ThunderCats is still regarded as one of the greatest animated series of all time. Let everyone know you are a fan with this Vintage Poster ThunderCats Hoodie!

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Vintage Poster ThunderCats Hoodie

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