Rosone N. 4 ~ Insects and Mammals


Rosone N. 4 ~ Insects and Mammals


A wall graphic that changes under the lights! Carnovsky’s Rosoni series utilizes the RGB technique of using red, green and blue colored lights to make different images appear based on the color.

The Rosone designs are a mash-up of flowers, plants, twisting reptiles and dancing mammals. Each is entwined and mixed-up to create an iris of nature. With each Rosone design, the image will change depending upon whether they are lit with a red, green or blue light.

Each package comes with 3 pairs of RGB glasses to see the different images within the design but we recommend lighting the graphics with a red, blue or green light bulb for full dramatic effect. Light bulbs not included.

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Rosone N. 4 ~ Insects and Mammals

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