Legend of Zelda Collage T-Shirt

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Legend of Zelda Collage T-Shirt T-shirts


The Legend of Zelda is consistently considered the greatest video game of it’s time. The reason for the game’s acclaim is the memorable characters. The characters appear as a collage on this t-shirt in a design that looks like a Legend of Zelda map. The characters that are shown on this shirt are Ganon, Darknut, a Stalfos, Link, Octorok, the Old Man (with his magic flames), Princess Zelda, and an orange Wizzrobe. The shirt also features the weapons used to play the game, along with the Legend of Zelda logo. Everyone that sees you wearing this Legend of Zelda Collage t-shirt will immediately know that you are a fan of the exciting characters that make The Legend of Zelda one of the greatest video games of all time!

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Legend of Zelda Collage T-Shirt

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