Character Collage Halloween T-Shirt


Character Collage Halloween T-Shirt T-shirts


This Halloween t-shirt features a collage of the iconic characters Dr. Loomis, Annie Brackett, young Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Michael Myers in his mask. The shirt includes the movie tagline, “The Night He Came Home!”

Michael Myers first showed how dangerous he could be when he stabbed his sister to death when he was only six years old. Michael was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where he escaped, then returned home to Haddonfield. Michael stole a white mask, killed Annie Brackett, tried to kill Laurie Strode, and was only stopped when Dr. Loomis shot Michael six times. Michael survived, reminding everyone that you can’t kill the boogeyman.

John Carpenter’s Halloween is one of the most terrifying horror movies of all time. Everyone will know you are a fan of the classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis when you wear this Character Collage Halloween T-Shirt!

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Character Collage Halloween T-Shirt

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